PASS ONE SIMPLE LAW, move all US agencies out of DC, Decentralize POWER, move agency payolla hubs, lobby influence OUT, States compete for Agency admin budgets


______ SESSION

DC (District of Columbia) SWAMP DRAIN

H.R./S. _________

Date: JULY 4th, 2020

________________ introduced the following bill; which was read twice and

referred to the Committee on___________2021 presiding officer: ______________________________________________


U.S. AGENCIES competitive operations ACT

1                Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America

2                in Congress assembled.

3                SEC. 1.

4                DC SWAMP DRAIN Bill.

5                U.S. Agencies Competitive Operations Act

6                SEC. 2.

7                D.C. region, District of Columbia Washington DC  

8                DC SWAMP, common description of the current ruling Federal District region

9                SEC. 3.

10              ALL STATES of the United States of America (State legislatures) Have the right to submit a

11             competitive bid to facilitate the Head Quarters of any or all U.S. Agencies within their capital

12             regions. All States will have the responsibility to Submit Bid for operations, Decline Bid for

13             operations, and/or approve the winning Bid for all U.S. agency Headquarters for operating

14             budget, location and duration.  IF the State that has winning bid for the headquarters has

15            a field office for that specific agency or sub agency those will be consolidated within 1 year.       

15            SEC. 4.

16           The existing budgets for these agencies will be the basis for new budget and the NEW BID to

17           house and facilitate the current agency and defined responsibilities. The Congressional office

18        of Budget and Management will continue to administer this. If there is no winning bid for the

19        agency and/or no approved operating budget the agency will be considered NON relevant and

20        dissolved within 90 days. All funds currently approved and not allocated to said agency will go

21        entirely to agency relocation fund.

22        SEC. 5.

23        Penalties for failure to house relocated agencies are that State funds from Federal allocation to

24        that State for general purposes will make up the shortfall.

26       SEC. 6.

28       Bidding for these agencies will begin immediately and contracted within 1 one year.